Personal Protection Pack

Belt Pouch Personal Protection PackPersonal Protection Pack

The Personal Protection Pack (PPP) can be issued to an individual containing necessary items for infection control and protection in a small quantity. The pouch will be belt clipped to the individual allowing all the items to be close by all day if the need arises or if a replacement is required. Also contains a small hand sanitiser to allow continued hygiene control throughout the day. Will save time for operatives returning to replace PPE equipment during the working day.



Product Description

This is a belt Pouch Personal Protection Pack (PPP) which provides all the necessary items to protect operatives working in the current environment.  All items contained within the specifically designed belt puch allowing easy access and replacement for an indvidual working a long day. Will save time walking to PPE stations to replace items regularly.



The Personal Protection Pack (PPP) is designed by and for all front line operatives who are in need of protection. This pack has a belt clip that allows the owner to always have these items close by so they can be used when required or replaced quickly without the need to return to a base station. This will reduce the risk to the owner of infection and also the risk of passing infections onto others.  

Technical Specification


  • Dr. Browns Hand Sanitizer 50ml
  • 6 x 3 Ply Face Masks
  • 5 pairs of Gloves
  • 10 Sterile Wipes
  • Covid-19 Instruction Sheet
  • First Aid Guide
Dimensions: 15.5 x 17 x 5.1cm