Break Glass Cover with Sounder

Break Glass Cover with Sounder

Break Glass Protector with Sounder
Break Glass Protector with SounderFire Alarm Break Glass CoverBreak glass cover sealBreak glass cover multiple housing shellsBreak Glass Cover for Access Contorl Call Point

UV-Stablisied Polycarbonate casing protecting Access Control and Fire Call Points from accidental or malicious activation. Complete with built-in sounder.


Product Description

The Break Glass Cover Multi-Kit fits over your existing call point as clear tamperproof and tough UV stabilised polycarbonate casing. The cover features a glow guide that is embedded within the casing to illuminate in the dark to enhance to call point’s visibility. This is an ideal solution for care homes, hospitals, hotels and schools who are at great risk of false activation or tampering.

The Mulit-Kit contains a Glow Guide, 2 coloured housing shells (red & green), 1 break seal and 2 label sheets in 13 languages.



  • Surface Mount (32mm spacer)
  • Includes Multi-Lingual Language Sheet of Labels
  • Built-in Sounder
  • Protects Call points for accidental or malicious activation
  • Green and Red Housing Shells for use with both fire and access control systems

Technical Specification

  • 104 mm H x 96 mm W x 58 mm D
  • Multi Kit includes UV-stabilised Polycarbonate Casing

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