Bed Sensor Pad (Only)

Bed Sensor Pad (Only)


Our Bed Sensor Pads are used alongside our Connect Monitor and Heavy Duty Wander Mats to create a full circle monitoring solution.


Product Description

The Bed Sensor Pad is fitted on top of a mattress, and through connection to a monitor, it will activate an alarm when a patient removes pressure from the mat. It will signal in the instance a resident is wandering and may be at risk of falling. The mat can be wiped down following use or changed between patients. It is a flexible and comfortable solution for those spending longer periods confined to bed.


Please note:  The Bed Pad Sensor cannot be plugged directly into a nurse call system, it must be connected to the Connect Fall Monitor or Sentry Deluxe Monitor that is then connected to the nurse call system. The Connect Fall Monitor controls the signal adjustments from the mat, as required, for the home. Alternatively, the Connect Fall Monitor and Bed Sensor Pad can be used as a stand-alone solution without connection to a nurse call system.


  • Uk Delivery in 2-3 working days
  • Foldable
  • Fully sealed and antibacterial
  • One year warranty

Technical Specification

  • 84cm x50cm

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