Sentry Deluxe Monitor and Bed Pad

Sentry Deluxe Monitor and Bed Pad

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The Sentry Deluxe bed pad package has now been DISCONTINUED and replaced with the NEW Connect Fall monitoring system.



Product Description

The Sentry Deluxe Sensor and Monitor Bed Package is a versatile battery-powered Bed Alarm designed for use alongside a bed sensor pad to combat patient wandering. The Monitor sounds an alarm when the patient’s weight is moved off the sensor pad and is compatible with most Nurse Call Systems. Our monitors play a key role in fall prevention across multiple care facilities throughout the UK. The package is widely used for Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients prone to wandering or creating safer environments for seniors who are vulnerable to accidents when unassisted.

We provide optional and complimentary Nurse Call Cables that allow alarm outputs to be connected to your facility’s Nurse Call Bell System. Silent bed options are also available as well a plug-in power adapter for alternation between battery power and mains power usage.

Our quality wander management systems are durable, competitively priced and provide sound solutions to the management of fall risk in care homes.

Additional Information




  • UK Delivery in 2-3 working days
  • Completely Restraint Free
  • Optional Nurse Call Cable allowing Connection to most Nurse Systems
  • Silent Bedside Alarm Option when Connected to Nurse Call System
  • Easy to Use – Installs in Minutes
  • Effective on Patients Weighing 60 pounds or more
  • High and Low Volume Adjustment
  • Reset Button allows Bypass Option to assist Patients out of Bed without Sounding an Alarm
  • Adjustable Delay to Reduce False Alarms
  • Battery Powered for Complete Portability with Low Battery Alert
  • Optional Universal Mounting Bracket allows for easy Mounting on Bed
  • Optional Cushion Protector Protects Monitor from Drops or Damage

Technical Specification

  • Larger Bed Sensor Pad covers 75cm x 26cm
  • Optional Plug-In Mains Power Adapter
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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