Guide to Nurse Call System Compatibility


Unsure of the fitment required for your Nurse Call System? 

Below you’ll find a quick overview of some the industry’s most popular systems against the correct fitment type. You can always contact our team for further advice to help identify your system if you have further queries around compatibility.


Mono Fitments

Single Ring Plug


Mono plug picture

These can be used on Nurse Call Systems such as:

  • Care Safe
  • Intercall 600/ 700 Series Systems


Stereo Fitments

Double Ring Plug

Stereo plug diagram

Compatible with the following systems:

  • Nurse Call 800 Series by CTEC
  • Quantec Nurse Call Systems by CTEC


SAS Fitment


Network I

Network II


Custom Connections (Provided by Nurse Call Solutions)

Aidcall System

Medicare System

Courtney Thorne System




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