Radio Nurse Call System FAQ

Radio Nurse Call Systems

Your Frequently Asked Questions – Answered


How does the system work?

Your Radio Nurse Call System operates in a similar way to any radio or television – the sender transmits a signal and the radio or TV acts as a receiver. With Radio Nurse Call, the Room Units are the Transmitters, the Display Panel is the receiver. Voilà!


Is the system approved?

Our product is designed and manufactured to all relevant standards and is fully approved by Ofcom, regulators of the UK communications industry. The system is also approved by other Health Authorities and Social Services throughout the country.


Will it be affected by other signals and is it interference free?

You are in luck! Safeguards are built into the System to combat this. We have written special software to help screen out unwanted signals meaning that any emergency services and mobile phones etc will not interfere with the operation of our system.


Will my building be suitable for radio?

In short, yes. We have installed equipment in sites covering over 40 acres and in buildings constructed of solid stone. One the occasion that your building required greater signal strength, we can produce a range of signal boosters which can be used to improve reception across the site.


My residents have special needs, can you help?

We have designed a range of extras for people who may not be able to press buttons or pull cords, we can accommodate all needs and work with you to devise the best solution.


Is the system reliable?

Reliability is vital. Time and money have been invested in ensuring our system is the most advanced and reliable system available.


How often do I need to change the batteries?

Our Room Unit has a battery life of two years, dependent on use. When batteries do require changing, the control display will indicate which unit needs attention. The control panel has stand-by batteries that take over in the event of mains failure so you needn’t worry about any downtime on your system.


Is Radio Nurse Call cost effective?

Definitely. With low installation times and minimum disruption to residents, Radio is a positive choice for many homes. Radio Nurse Call Systems are a fantastic alternative to a mains wire system as it can bring the same benefits without the difficulties of moving patients and residents to accommodate installation.


To speak to an advisor about any further queries you may have about our Nurse Call Systems, please contact us on 01236 707 921.

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