Connect Fall Monitor and Bed Pad

Connect Fall Monitor and Bed Pad


Full circle solutions fall monitor, compatible with a wide range of Nurse Call Systems and pressure mats. Easy to install and set up.



Product Description

An industry leading fall monitoring system, an all-in-one solution for fall prevention in any care environment. The monitor, as standard, includes a mounting bracket, magnetic pull cord, 9v battery, and screwdriver. Compatible with bed and chair sensors as well as our heavy duty wander mat, the Falls Connect Monitor also offers personalised voice alert recording to provided added reassurance to its users. The Fall monitor has upgraded from our previously supplied model, retaining all of the original features whilst offering a range of new features for your convenience. The monitor can be used on its own, or as part of a monitoring system with pressure mat, integrated with a nurse call system alongside any optional pagers.

We provide a FREE nurse call connection lead to those who wish to use the monitor with a nurse call system. Please note the name of your nurse call system at checkout so that we may provide you with the correct lead. Caring for someone at home? The connect fall monitor can also be used as a sstand-alonesolution without the need for connection to a nurse call system.

Fall Monitor Includes:
• Monitor with protective cover
• Magnetic cord with linen clip
• Mounting bracket for beds/chair/wheelchair
• Wall mount bracket
• 9V battery (no rechargeable)


  • Provides monitoring assistance for users in a bed, wheelchair/chair or toilet
  • Personalised Voice Alert recording
  • Option to used on both battery or mains power
  • Low battery indication
  • Optional Delays to be set for 0, 2 and 5 seconds to suit individual environments
  • A hold button to reset or temporarily disable the device for easy transfer of patients from chairs/beds.

Technical Specification

  • AC Power Provided separately: AC100-120V DC 9V/400mA
  • Battery Power: One (1) 6LR61 9V alkaline battery
  • Approx Battery Life: 8 Months
  • Bed/ Chair Sensor Jack: Connector: 4p4c modular jack; MAX Input resistance: Less than 10 kohm
  • Size (W X D X H): 74mm × 38.5mm × 120mm
  • Weigh Approxt: 213g

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