Pro-range Induction Loop System 900 m.sq.

Pro-range Induction Loop System 900 m.sq.

Pro Range Induction Loop Amplifier – NCS

Providing advanced sound quality to areas such as churches, theaters and conferences.


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Product Description

An induction loop that will suit the amplification requirements of areas such as theaters, churches, entertainment halls or conferences. The pro-range induction loop provides a quality sound as well as adjustable level controls that are usable as a three input mixer or individually. Our pro amplifier also features built-in metal compensation which combats disruptions caused by metals within a building, aiding the delivery of a clear sound.


Additional Information

Amplification Range:

200m.sq Model, 500m.sq Model, 900m.sq Model


  • Amplification range of 200 to 900 m.sq
  • Metal Compensation Control
  • Sound monitorng through 3.5mm headphone socket

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions: W 380 x H 80 X D 220mm
  • Two XLR 3-pin input sockets per unit (1xbalance mix, 1x switchable balanced mic, 1x outreach connector.
  • Auto gain control through advanced audio signal processing

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