Vehicle Induction Loop System – 1.2m.sq.

Vehicle Induction Loop System – 1.2m.sq.

Vehicle Induction Loop NCS

A vehicle amplifies that can be charged whilst on the move and be used in all private and commercial vehicles ranging from cars to buses.


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Product Description

The Vehicle Induction Loop System can be used in buses, cars, taxis as well as both private and commercial vehicles. A convenient to used amplifier that can be mounted to a dashboard, whilst being used and charged on the go. Please contact a member of staff for further details.



Additional Information


12V Vehicle Induction Loop Kit, 24V Vehicle Induction Loop Kit


  • Integrated controls to combat frequency disruptions caused by metal absorption.
  • Can be mounted onto a dashboard
  • Can be charged with a car cigarette lighter
  • Visible AFILS sticker

Technical Specification

  • Product Dimensions: W 120 x H 31 x 60 mm
  • The Amplifier operates at 12v d.c  we can also supply a  24v vehicle kit
  • 1.2msq range
  • 220g in weight

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