Quantec Corridor Display Panel

Quantec Corridor Display Panel

Ctec Quantecqt608cd-quanted-corridor-display-with-no-controls-_nurse-call-solutions

Corridor Display for Quantec Nurse Call Systems, showing calls by priority with optional controls.


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Product Description

Quantec’s displays scroll automatically and only show the calls which are the most urgent plus a message saying how many calls are waiting on that part of the system. Therefore, if there are no calls, the displays will show the time, then Staff Presence calls, Standard calls, Help Required calls, Emergency calls & Attack calls. They have an A (accept) button, plus buttons to control divert and other features.

Displays with no controls are also available.

Additional Information

Corridor Display Type:

With Controls (QT608C), Without Control (Qt608C)


  • Controls version includes: Accept (A) button, Scroll Up, Scroll Down with adjust contrast; volume and enabling internal/external beeper
  • External sounder connections
  • Highest priority calls are shown first

Technical Specification

  • 146 W x 87 H x 35 D mm. Mount on a 35mm deep back box.
  • Plastic Finish
  • Power requirements: Nominal 24V DC

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